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We are looking for a Full-Stack developer to be a core factor in our development department, in a professional team that works on our Video infrastructure and applications.


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  • B.S. in Computer Science/ Mathematics from a known university
  • Strong and proven PHP programming experience (at least 1.5 years) including OOP, Event handling etc.
  • Experience with writing modular & reusable code.
  • Good understanding of the client/server architecture.
  • Good understanding of web concepts – DOM, CORS, Ajax etc...
  • Proficiency in MySQL or other Relational Database
  • Familiarity and/or experience with UNIX/ LINUX environment
  • Creative approach to problem-solving.
  • Strong programming, analysis and design skills
  • Self-motivated and quick learner
  • A BIG plus - Prior experience of working in Ad tech or understanding/working knowledge of concepts including floor price optimization, header bidding, SSP/DSP, DFP, AdX, Ad networks etc.
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